Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lilly's Wedding Quilt

Lilly's Wedding Quilt is the 2nd book by Kelly Long's Patch of Heaven Series.

Lilly is caught in a rain storm and stops at a barn where a man she has secretly liked is hiding after stealing a horse and being shot. What comes next is their story of stretching the truth to save Lilly's reputation and the joy that comes out of the relationship between Lilly and Jacob.

A few side stories of depression, brotherly love, teenagers need for rebelion and a speical needs child are all touched on in a way that make you hope Kelly's next book will be about one of them.

Plain Proposal

This is the 5th book in Beth Wiseman's Daughters of the Promise Series.

To refresh your memories about the family tree -- there are five Stoltzfus siblings. Samuel (Plain Perfect), Noah (Plain Pursuit), Ivan (several of the books, Katie Ann's husband), Mary Ellen (Linda's mother from Plain Paradise), and Rebecca. Miriam is Rebecca's daughter, and she has been mentioned briefly in prior books. Plain Proposal is Miriam's story.

What a wonderful book, it has everything you would want in a good book.

Miriam Raber for years has been smiten with Saul Fisher and he with you but both seen scared to act on it. This is their story - even though Saul is rumored to be leaving the Amish community for the English world, Miriam decides to trust Derr Herr and see if they have a future together.

This is well rounded story with small minor stories included - some of it ties in the previous 4 books (people that I have come to know and care about). It is a book that you want to keep reading vs turning out the light and going to sleep at night.
Well done Beth!