Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angel's Song - Sheila Walsh

This book made me smile. I enjoyed it very much.

It started out a little sad when Sarah dies right before she is going to graduate with her masters degree in social work (this is what my daughter will be doing in a few short months so maybe it hit me harder than some) but the growth of Ann(ie) throughout this book is great. I especially like Keith and the huge role he played in this book. It shows that children with Downs Syndrome are amazing children just like every child that God created is.
I loved Ethan and how true he was to God and his beliefs.

I know there are only a few short pages for a story to be told in a book but sometimes the quickness of people falling in love throws me for a loop because I don't see life like that.

Well done!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple Deceit - Nancy Mehl

Simple Deceit is the 2nd book on a series about Grace. In this book she has given up her life in Kansas and moved to Harmony to live in her uncle’s house. She also found love in book 1 and this one continues on her path of true love with Sam. As with any good book there are some issues in that relationship along with issues happening in the town.

I enjoyed this book, she has left enough things dangling that I am anxious for the third one to come out. She covered most of the unanswered questions from book 1. I will admit to some of the back story people I had a hard time following when they showed back up, that could be just my age showing though.

I have not read any other Mennonite books so not sure if everyone in the Mennonite community is as different as all these people regarding electricity, etc but a book I would recommend.